Topic: Letters to the Travel Industry

Column: Back to Basics

If you’ve been hitting your head against the wall lately trying to figure out how to get ahead, you may be thinking too hard. Here's how to get back on track.

Five Tips for Entrepreneurs

At Etsy’s first-ever conference in New York, we gleaned several key insights for creative entrepreneurs looking to build themselves a strong customer base. Take a look.

The New Kodak Moments

Often when we travel we are not present or in the moment -- but this provides an opportunity for those travel advisors who are experts at prompting their clients to look for lovely things when they’re traveling. Here's why.

Making the Delivery a Gift

Travel advisors deliver a quality product, which can take more time than an off-the-shelf package from an OTA. Here’s how to make the experience worth waiting for.

Europe Roundtable: The New Travel Landscape

The group at Travel Agent magazine’s Europe Roundtable felt strongly that education will play a big part in keeping consumers traveling and to foster tourism back to the areas affected by terrorism when the time is right. Here's why.