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CELEBRATED EXPERIENCES, a hotel representation and destination management company specializing in travel to the U.K. and Ireland, recently launched a web site. That development in and of itself isn't all that earth-shattering; there may be more web sites created than babies born in a given day. What's intriguing about this story is that this is the very first web site for the 20-year-old company. That's right-up until last month, Atlanta-based Celebrated Experiences' primary, and most successful, advertising medium was word of mouth.
Wholesale FIT supplier Travel Bound has launched a completely revamped web site,, with new products such as apartments, villas and ryokan inns, private sightseeing tours and transfers, as well as new features including interactive city maps, search filters and hotel hot deals and special offers.
Though says more than 10,000 travel agencies in the United States use its site, the company is also aware that agents don't book rail that often. "Rail, unfortunately, isn't something agents sell on a day-to-day basis, so anything we can do to make it easier, we will do," says Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, vice president of sales and marketing for the company. And so, late last month unveiled a complete redesign of its web site, making it easier to use with enhanced content, trip-planning tools, detailed commission reporting and interactive country and route maps. Further improvements will debut through the summer.