Agency Invites Clients to Pay to Offset Travel's Environmental Impact

Atlas Travel International, a New England-based agency, has launched ecoAtlas, a program to help neutralize the impact of travel-related greenhouse gas emissions-- a recognized contributor to global warming. Under the new program, Atlas clients can make a donation to NativeEnergy Travel Offsets, which supports efforts to harness wind energy or energy from methane to counteract the impact of carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gas emissions are expected to grow by 75 percent over the next 10 years unless corrective actions are put in place, according to Atlas and NativeEnergy.

Clients can determine their trip's environmental impact, as well as the cost to neutralize it, by using NativeEnergy's online Emissions Calculator. Atlas customers are able to pay for the offset one trip at a time or in a lump sum once a year.

Atlas has also been adopting such eco-friendly tactics as reducing paper waste and supporting a fully digital office. See (DB)