Agent Insider

Over the upcoming winter holidays, where are your clients heading?



"The first thing I'm noticing is major concern over air travel in general. I'm hearing, 'If this is what it's like in the summer, what is it going to be like when we get to winter?'" says Bud Rosenbaum of bjTee Group in St. Louis, MO. " So, (clients) are looking at domestic locations rather than the Caribbean or Hawaii."


"I have clients headed to Myanmar, and some families planning to spend the holidays in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand)," says Rebecca Mazzaro of Asia Transpacific Journeys. "People in Asia go out of their way for families with children like no place else in the world. The current exchange rate makes travel to Asia this year especially appealing."


"I've seen a real jump in bookings to the exotics," says Shane Paquette, manager of Pacific Palisades, CA-based En Route Travel. "During the holiday season, we have clients traveling to the Maldives, the Seychelles, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Zambia." Paquette has noticed his clients are more adventurous than they were the past few years and attributes it to their feeling more secure.