American Airlines Goes Green

American Airlines has presented an eco-friendly way to fly from Paris and still stay green by taking technology to new levels in order to ensure carbon emissions are reduced and fuel is saved on transatlantic routes.

AIRE, a joint initiative among the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other airlines, is designing a way to speed up the operation of new technologies. This project is designed to have a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution, as well as conserving fuel. Part of the AIRE flights includes a gate-to-gate flight demonstration to test the technology being used with the FAA's NextGen air traffic management system.

This particular flight will fly from Paris Charles De Gaulle and arrive at Miami International Airport at 1:55 p.m. EDT today. The flight will conduct several measures to ensure an eco-friendly environment such as fuel conservation measures, single-engine taxi on departure and arrival, continuous climb out and descent, optimized routing over water, and a "tailored arrival."


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