Apple Vacations Offers Haunted Destinations for Halloween

Big Ben Clock Tower, London, EnglandApple Vacations offers travelers more than 40 destinations, all with their own legends and histories. Between the real pirates of the Caribbean, the legacies of the Aztec and Mayan Indians and the ancient stories of native Hawaiians, Apple Vacations’ portfolio is full of locations with mystical and spooky tales.

Some of the most haunted travel destinations courtesy of Apple Vacations, include the Rose Hall Great House in Jamaica, a landmark Georgian mansion. In the early 1800s, it was owned by Annie Palmer, whose four husbands died suspiciously. Annie was also a practitioner of voodoo and locals called her the "White Witch." Annie, who was killed in her bed in a slave uprising in the 1830s, has been seen walking the halls of the Great House to this day.

Apple Vacations is also offering Oahu Ghost Tours, which claims that Oahu is one of the most haunted islands in the world with activity equal to Savannah, Georgia or New Orleans. For more than a decade, Oahu Ghost Tours has operated haunted tours, which include a storyteller who relates the tales behind the spooky historic locations and native sites. Guests with cameras may be able to observe unexplained orbs and events at these sites.

The Tower of London is also known as one of the most haunted building in England. With the ghosts of Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, Guy Fawkes, Sir Walter Raleigh and more, the tower was also a palace, a prison and a place of execution.

Guests can learn all about the pirate history of Nassau, Bahamas on the Historic Tour of Nassau City. In the 1700s, Nassau was a famous pirate hideout, and it is said that Blackbeard himself haunts the Old Fort of Nassau. Nassau is also home to modern hotels and casinos.