Collette Foundation Launches Blog Site


Allison Villasenor, program manager for the Collette Foundation, announces the home of the Collette Foundations’ new blog site— The Collette Foundation, now entering its fourth year, helps to improve the quality of life of children in destinations that Collette Vacations visits such as Cambodia, Peru, Africa, and the United States. She invites travel agents and the media to follow by clicking the “subscribe to RSS entries” located on the top right hand side of the home page. This feature will alert you each time a new entry is posted. Employees who are active in the Collette Foundation will regularly post updates on their projects and other related happenings, and comments from readers are encouraged.

In addition to posts and updates from employees, other features on the home page include the Collette Foundation video and a projects tab located on the top toolbar that will enable visitors to click and connect to a project page. The project page details information on the various partners that the Foundation collaborates with on each project. “At the bottom of each specific project page we’ve included a list of items that clients can bring with them on tour if they are visiting the site,” says Villasenor. “Please feel free to send clients to the page, or to share the list with them.”

If you would like to help or make a donation to the Collette Foundation, information can be found on the ‘How to Help – Get Involved’ tab on the home page of the blog site. 

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