Dallas/Ft. Worth Hotel Rates Up 200 Percent for Super Bowl

Fort Worth Sundance Square Christmas Tree on Main Street in DowntownFootball fans heading to Arlington, Texas, this Sunday for Super Bowl XLV will want to be aware of Priceline.com's report that the median per-night hotel room rate in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is approximately $180, about three times more than the area's rate of approximately $60 a year ago. Based on the website's hotel bookings made for the February 4-7 and February 5-8 long weekends, the report included all hotel star categories, from 1- to 4-star.

Clients should favor into three-star hotels, where the median rate for the first weekend is approximately $180 (in an increase of about 140 percent from last year), compared to 2.5-star hotels, priced at approximately $210 in median rate (up about 280 percent from last year). This weekend, the Pittsburgh Steelers face the Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Visit www.priceline.com.

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