Dolce Hotels and Resorts Announces Promising Collaboration With Climate Savers Computing Initiative SM


Dolce Hotels and Resorts, formerly Dolce International, implements yet another aspect of its recent rebranding initiative by announcing a new membership to the Climate Savers Computing Initiative SM.  This proactive measure that will reduce Dolce’s “carbon footprint” by establishing more energy efficient computing standards at the company will support Dolce’s enduring commitment to serving the community in a local and global sense. Through this collaboration with Climate Savers Computing, a non-profit organization of eco- conscious consumers, businesses and organizations working to spur the use and development of energy efficient technologies, Dolce complements other eco- conscious measures that  have been a core value for many years and some that were recently implemented during its August brand relaunch.

Aimed at Dolce’s internal operations, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative will help cast awareness on the issue of minimizing energy consumption thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by improving the efficiency of power delivery to the company’s computing infrastructure.  One of the most immediate ways the Climate Savers Computing Initiative at Dolce will increase energy efficiency is by reducing energy usage when computers are in an inactive state by ensuring all computers are turned off after a certain hour. 

Other immediate measures that Dolce will implement as part of its sustainability efforts include: Purchasing only ENERGY STAR qualified computers, printers or servers; Configuring all computers at Dolce corporate offices and individual properties to “sleep” when not used for 20 minutes; Turning  off computers, printers, screens and lights in each office, effective November 2008; Setting the appropriate temperature for the Air Conditioning in the Computer Rooms; Adding sensors and timers to auto turn on/off lights in backstage areas; Turning off Audio Visual equipments every time, not to be left in “sleep” mode.

“Predating our recent rebranding efforts, Dolce Hotels and Resorts has been committed to the environmental stewardship with our locals and communities.  Through implementing the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, we reinforce this commitment and take a major stride in becoming the most green meetings hospitality company in the industry, dedicated to delivering a healthier, cleaner environment for our guests, staff and world.  Dolce’s Global Technology Team is thrilled implement Climate Savers Computing’s best practices and look forward to contributing to a better Dolce and a better future,” said Gerald Lampaert, Vice President of Global Information Technology.

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative was started by Google and Intel in 2007 and is a non-profit group of eco -conscious consumers, conservation organizations and businesses. Climate Savers Computing Initiative has more than 350 member companies and organizations that have committed to reduce computer power consumption. By improving the computer’s power delivery and reducing energy consumed the Initiative aims to meet pre set, specified efficiency targets and get corporate participants to commit to purchasing power-efficient computing products. 

“Climate Savers Computing is working to reduce global CO2 emissions from the operation of computers by 54 million tons per year by 2010,” said Pat Tiernan, executive director of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.  “We are pleased that Dolce Hotels and Resorts has decided to join Climate Savers Computing and make a commitment to sustainable IT practices.”   

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