Dvorak Expeditions Adds Ziplining, Stand-up Paddle Boarding to Activity Options


(c) 2011 Lost Canyon Zipline Tours

Dvorak Expeditions has added two fast-growing recreational activities to its roster of add-on options for its build-your-own dream vacation package: ziplining and stand-up paddle boarding.

If vacationers aren’t enticed by whitewater rafting in Colorado this summer, they can now add on a zipline tour over Lost Canyon. A half-day of aerial adventure, provided by Lost Canyon Zipline Tours, participants can choose from a number of tours whose distances range from 200 feet to 695 feet. 

For Dvorak’s second new activity offering, stand-up-paddle-boarding will be conducted on lakes and calmer stretches of the Arkansas River. Described as a full-body workout, according to a media release, this activity will have participants standing straight up on a board while getting views of the horizon.

In custom-building their itinerary for an overnight paddle boarding trip, participants will have a number of options for evening accommodations and other add-on sporting activities.

Average costs for packages begin at $142 per person for a full day to $998-plus per person for a five-day multi-sport adventure. Various personal discounts are available.

Visit www.dvorakexpeditions.com or call 719-539-6851 or 800-824-3795.

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