Fontainebleau Miami Beach Receives Florida Green Lodging Program Designation


Fontainebleau Miami Beach has become a designated member of the Florida Green Lodging Program, a voluntary state initiative from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). As part of the resort’s eco-initiatives and sustainability commitment, Fontainebleau has implemented a variety of creative green solutions to provide guests with an eco-friendly experience, while helping to protect and restore the environment.

“Fontainebleau is committed to positively influencing the quality of life for Florida residents,” said Fontainebleau Miami Beach President and General Manager John Rolfs. “We hope to inspire a paradigm shift in the way hospitality business looks at the environment – as we have chosen to do – by integrating these initiatives into our short and long term business plan.”

In every area of the resort’s culture – from design to site management to marketing – priority is given to sustainable principles and practices that conserve resources without compromising the guest experience. Some of these green practices include, but are not limited to, linen and towel re-use (will be refreshed as needed or requested, or every third day), eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products, organic menu options, water and energy conservation programs and an inclusive recycling program. Fontainebleau Resorts is also using technology to become a virtually "paperless" environment.

“It is wonderful to see businesses implement green practices such as water conservation, recycling and energy reduction because they are not only good for business, they are good for Florida’s environment,” said DEP Sustainable Initiatives Director Deas Bohn.


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