Foodie Report: Denver’s Culinary Scene

Denver Culinary FestivalsVisit Denver has announced the return of two annual culinary events for visitors to experience: Denver Restaurant Week (DRW) and the Collaboration Fest

DRW takes place from February 26 through March 6 and is the 12th annual celebration of the city's culinary scene. The event provides an opportunity for both visitors and locals to enjoy multi-course meals at some of the city's top restaurants, priced at $30 per person. Reservations throughout the city are highly coveted, and many "Mile High" restaurants, as well as iconic local and new eateries, are often fully booked for the 10 days of DRW. 

Collaboration Fest’s 3rd annual event will take place on March 19. The fest pairs two or more independent breweries to create and serve one limited edition beer, available only at the festival. One brewery on each project must be based in Colorado.

Visitors who are unable to make it to Collaboration Fest can explore the Denver Beer Trail, created by Visit Denver, an interactive guide to 20 of the newest and most iconic breweries and brewpubs throughout the city. The experience offers both beer enthusiasts and curious travelers a list of "must-try" beers to taste during their visit.

More than 300 restaurants opened in Denver over the past two years, and more than 50 are scheduled to debut in 2016. In addition, an estimated 200 different craft beers are brewed in Denver each day, while the city hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival, the largest beer competition in the world, featuring more than 6,700 beers.

For more information, including a list of participating restaurants and their multi-course DRW menus as well as hotel deals, visit