Gap Adventures Announces New Name


G Adventures has a new logo to go with their new name.// (c) 2011 G Adventures

Gap Adventures, a Canadian-based small group tour operator, has rebranded itself as G Adventures starting October 1.

The adventure travel leader has been working to bridge the gap between mainstream travel operators and independent backpackers for over two decades, and Bruce Poon Tip, G Adventures’ founder, assured in a release that the new name will do nothing to change that.

“One of our fundamental principles here is to change the lives of anyone who comes into contact with our company,” said Poon Tip. “Our business model isn’t about bottom-lines and turnover. It’s about happiness, freedom and independence.”

G Adventures distinguishes itself from other tour operators by offering unbeatable customer service, an innovative lifetime deposit, a wide-ranging roster of destinations and adventures and an emphasis on responsible and sustainable ways of traveling the world. Led by a team of passionate international travelers, these trips bid travelers of all ages to use the local transport, take advantage of authentic accommodation, and embrace exotic cuisine.

“Our name may have changed, but our principles have not,” says Poon Tip. “In every way that matters, we’re the same company today that we were yesterday.”


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