Globus Reports Strong Growth In Group Sales

In January, the Globus family of brands announced a renewed commitment to the development of its group business and now reports that  in just six months, the enhancements Globus has made to help agents secure and sell groups has paid off.  With additional team members dedicated to group sales, and a focused, custom groups department, the Globus family is already experiencing 25 percent growth in group business for 2012.
“Our dedication to service and support throughout the planning process, from start to finish, allows us to help agents secure group business,” said Mike Schields, managing director of groups and emerging markets for the Globus family of brands.   “By adding more experts to our team, we’ve been able to exceed the expectations of agents booking groups with us.”
The Globus family recently surveyed agents to ask them about their experience booking groups with the travel leader.  Ninety-seven percent (97%) of agents said they’d recommend booking groups with Globus to a colleague and cited the team’s “friendliness,” “professionalism” and “product knowledge” as contributing factors to their favorable experience.
“We have empowered our team to offer agents unparalleled flexibility and options,” said Schields. “From custom tours to cruises and independent vacation packages – we’re equipped to accommodate any group’s needs.”
While both Globus and Cosmos are experiencing a marked increase in group business for the coming year (up 20 percent and 30 percent respectively), Monograms’ group bookings are also up 40 percent year over year, they company reports.

“The increased bookings for Monograms groups is both interesting and exciting,” said Schields.  “This trend indicates that while people want to travel together, they also like the combination of destinations and independence offered with Monograms.  Another benefit of Monograms is the fact that we provide Local Hosts on site to guide groups through their vacation.”
Globus also affords groups great depth in destination offerings.  For 2012, Europe group sales are topping such popular destinations as North and South America and Asia, Globus reports.
According to Schields, Globus’ Europe group business is up 25 percent over 2011.  

“The draw for such destinations as London, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Greece is undeniable,” said Schields.  “And, thanks to award-winning Avalon Waterways’ river cruises, we are also getting a lot of groups interested in traveling to France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and Germany.”
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