GOGO Vacations Provides Nonstop Service During Hurricane Sandy

travel agentGOGO Vacations reports that the company has experienced minimal disruption in service during Hurricane Sandy. All of the company's 40+ nationwide branches are safe.

While 15 branches were closed due to power and safety concerns, all phone numbers were automatically transferred to a branch not affected by the storm. These 15 branches will slowly reopen in the coming days as power is restored and any safety concerns are resolved.  In addition, GOGO’s 24/7 team remained open during the storm, taking in over 700 phone calls from concerned passengers and travel agents.

The only minor disruption in service reported is a delay in sending out commission checks.  “Due to our Head Office being closed, we were unable to send commission checks on Monday. Today we are fully operational again and will be sending out all checks as soon as possible,” said Margaret Mulholland, president of GOGO Vacations.  “Our GOGO Family handled the situations at hand very well and I am very proud of them.  Our thoughts are with all our friends, family, staff, agents, and hoteliers that were also affected by Hurricane Sandy.  This event has brought us all a bit closer,” she added.

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