Green Globe Certification Boosts Hotel Revenues Up to Seven Percent

At the 2010 Caribbean Marketplace, Travel Agent sat down with Guido Bauer, CEO of Green Globe Certification, and learned of just how much impact becoming Green Globe Certified has on hotel business.

Green travel has been the talk of the industry for years now, but we mainly wanted to know if travelers truly care.

The answer is yes.

Bauer told us, on average, hotels usually see their revenues spike anywhere from three to seven percent once they become Green Globe Certified. The company tracks hotel revenues of 638 of the total 1,038 members by flat out asking them, Bauer says.

Part of the profits have to do with the fact that a hotel cuts its operational costs by as much as 11 percent when it becomes environmentally friendly, Bauer says.

Whereas leisure travelers continue to be the main market for green travelers, Bauer says there is an increasing pressure on corporate executives to only host events at Green Globe Certified hotels.

In a survey conducted by his company, Bauer says 87 percent of all consumers asked said they would pay more to stay at a Green Globe Certified hotel.