Green Hotel in South Florida


In April 2008, Hyatt Regency Bonaventure received One Palm designation from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Lodging Program, making it the first certified eco-friendly hotel in its county. As one of its first initiatives, the hotel replaced the incandescent light bulbs in all 501 guest rooms with compact florescent light bulbs, which reduced the hotel’s energy bill by more than $30,000 within the first month!

The hotel is now working to earn its Second Palm with creative initiatives like its on-site organic herb garden, which was planted by the executive chef himself along with a nearby elementary school garden club, and is naturally cultivated for use in the hotel’s restaurant menu items. The hotel is also working to purchase locally grown produce; install timers and motion sensors; and employ an on-site car rental service that offers hybrid options. Everything on the property is being re-evaluated, down to the very coffee that they serve, which will soon be filler-, additive- and preservative-free, in an effort to provide the best experience possible with the least environmental impact.

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