Lands' End Finds That "Stay-Cations" Dominate Family Travel

Lands EndA survey conducted by Lands' End found that this year most Americans in 78 percent will favor "stay-cations" over flights this spring break, with 73 percent citing cost as the number one reason. Nevertheless, a greater majority of survey respondents, in 81 percent, said that, though they have chosen not to travel, they will consider visiting local attractions like museums during the break.

In the online Spring Break Survey conducted via from Friday, February 25, 2011 through Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 60 percent of 675 adult participants said their "ideal" spring break was one that wouldn't break the bank. When asked what they enjoy most about the period, 83 percent said spending time with the kids and family, 62 percent said it signals spring is on the way, and 53 percent said exploring undiscovered local attractions. When asked about how they would spend their break, 59 percent listed play dates, 59 percent listed friends and relatives, and 44 percent listed going to water parks.

Though saving occupied the mind of those opting to stay, moms' shifting into spring included updating their kids' wardrobes. Survey respondents found a majority of 70 percent who planned to spend the same or more than last year on new kids' spring apparel and accessories, including essentials in tees (83 percent), sandals (73 percent), shorts (69 percent) and swimwear (66 percent).

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