Magic of Disney Comes to San Francisco Museum

Walt Disney fans can now get a look at the “man behind the mouse” in a brand-new museum opening this October 1 in San Francisco.  Named the “Walt Disney Family Museum,” many of the exhibits will show portions of Disney’s life, from pictures of his early childhood in the rural Midwest where he first discovered drawing and animation, to his struggle to make it as an artist in California in the early 1920s.

Of course today the name Disney is synonymous with some of the most popular animation of the past 80 years, but there was a time when this unknown artist made nature documentaries and scribbled doodles while he tried to make it big.

"My father was a man of endless curiosity who loved to tinker and explore and entertain people," said Diane Disney Miller, daughter of Walt Disney, and a director of the foundation funding the museum. "We look forward to sharing an honest and affectionate portrait of this amazing man."

Exhibits inside the museum will include audio clips of Disney and his family telling stories about his creations, 1,600 objects and works of art, and many interactive exhibits.