Mahekal Beach Resort Launches New Mayan Culinary Program

Mahekal Beach Resort in Playa del Carmen has launched a new food and beverage concept: guests will have the chance to help native Mayan chefs prepare gourmet dishes with a twist.

Included with preparation of the meal, participants will also partake in a Mayan ritual, several hands-on interactions, and will receive a dose of historical tradition.

A stone path leads diners through jungle to a casita, inside a secluded alcove, where an indigenous Mayan Shaman lights Copal incense and blesses each guest before entering. Outside, Mahekal’s chefs prepare a private, multi-course lunch – talking through the recipe while speaking the Mayan language (another chef translates). 

Other highlights include:

  • A thatched-roof hut complete with fire pit where diners help the chefs add spicy and aromatic peppers to further enhance the flavors of traditional lime and chicken soup.
  • Learn how the Mayans prepared their food in heated pit ovens.
  • Enjoy a selection of original handmade tortilla creations and Mexican desserts. 
  • Prior to leaving, guests will be sent home with all of the recipes so they can take what they learn to their own kitchen.