Mashpi Lodge’s Dragonfly Cable Ride Takes Guests on a Ride Through Forest Canopy

The Dragonfly - Mashpi Lodge - Ecuador from Mashpi Lodge on Vimeo.

The new Dragonfly cable ride at Mashpi Lodge allows guests to ride through the Ecuadorian forest like a bird to experience the beauty of nature from a unique perspective. 

In an effort to reveal the wonders of nature it has conserved, Mashpi Lodge has introduced the new mode of transportation for guests who would rather soar above the forest floor than walk across it. The award-winning eco lodge is surrounded by 3,200 acres of Andean cloud forest, a reserve that protects the last remaining five percent of Ecuador’s megadiverse Choco bio region.

The 1.2 mile-long cable system glides through, beneath and over the Mashpi Rainforest Biodiversity Reserve. The Dragonfly has room for four guests accompanied by an expert guide, where they experience the ecosystem from a higher perspective. Siting birds and animals in the tree branches, traveling through misty clouds, venturing over rivers and waterfalls, and panoramic views of greenery highlight the cable ride.

The cable system is stretched between two stations and suspended across six towers, with a station at the halfway point for loading and unloading. Four gondolas travel continuously along the cables, and takes 40 minutes to ride one way from Orchid Station to Cock-of-the-Rock Station, with a round-trip experience lasts approximately two hours. 

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