Monograms Offers 40 All-In-One Vacation Packages

Monograms is encouraging travelers to listen to their inner adventurer and go on the exotic vacation they’ve been dreaming of with 40 all-in-one vacation packages to South America, Asia, the South Pacific, India and Africa, including two new exotic getaways for 2012: Best of Panama and A Week in Beijing.
In 2012, Monograms says it is on a mission to help travelers realize their travel dreams by making going now not only possible, but also easy.  In addition to managing pre-trip details such as booking hotels, airport transfers and transport between cities for travelers, Monograms says it is the only travel company in the world that provides travelers on-site support in the form of Local Hosts.

In Monograms’ attainable Africa getaways, for example – the Best of Kenya (9 days), Kemya & Tanzania Explorer (15 days), Untouched Botswana (9 days) and South Africa & Botswana (13 days) – Local Hosts are, on occasion, replaced by personal guides and experienced rangers to make for  private safaris.
Monograms also gives travelers – and agents – the option to personalize  vacations, before they go.  Customizable options are available to travelers for pre-purchase, before they embark on their journey.
For first-time travelers to popular destinations like South America, the company has put together a Starter Guide at This is meant to guide them through the vacation planning process while also providing useful insight and tips.
Sample 2011 Exotic Monograms Vacations:

    •    ·       Costa Rica Wonders (7 days), priced from $859
    •    ·       NEW! Best of Panama (6 days), priced from $989
    •    ·       Galápagos Highlights (8 days), priced from $2,419
    •    ·       Amazonia Voyage with Rio & Iguassu (10 days), priced from $2,899
    •    ·       Tokyo & Kyoto (7 days), priced from $2,669
    •    ·       Beijing & Shanghai (7 days) priced from $809
    •    ·       NEW! A Week in Beijing (7 days), priced from $839
    •    ·       Flavors of Vietnam & Cambodia (11 days), priced from $1,489
    •    ·       Best of Thailand (9 days), priced from $1,199
    •    ·       Australian Escape (10 days), priced from $1,829
    •    ·       New Zealand Explorer (15 days), priced from $2,149
    •    ·       Spectacular South Island (8 days), priced from $1,259
    •    ·       Best of Kenya (9 days), priced from $3,289
    •    ·       South African Sojourn (9 days), priced from $2,329
    •    ·       Untouched Botswana (9 days), priced from $3,259

All of the above listed prices are per person, land-only. Monograms is part of the Globus family of brands, an award-winning, travel industry leader with more than 80 years of international travel expertise.  The Globus family of brands is a member of Sustainable Travel International (STI).