Spring Break: Not Just for the Kids

As we reported earlier this week on TravelAgentCentral.com, some agents are seeing a slow spring break season —at least among college students. One thing to remember about spring break, however, is that it’s not all about “College Kids Gone Wild”—high schools also shut down for a week, and many families take this time to vacation together. And it’s been a long, exceptionally rough winter in most of the U.S., so you can bet that many of your clients—with or without kids—are suffering from cabin fever. Basically, everybody deserves a spring break—and that’s the message to get out to your database.

Speaking of spring break and kids, this may be a good time to review some guidelines offered up last year by Linda Jenkins, leisure manager of Travel Leaders in Fort Wayne, IN. If you’re sending families on spring break vacations this year, here are some tips they may appreciate:

1. Talk to your teen and any guests explaining the rules of the trip before leaving. If you bring underage guests, you'll need a notarized letter from their parents acknowledging you are caring for the student. A letter allowing the supervising parents to administer medical care to your teen is also a good idea.

2. Use the buddy system. Make sure everyone in the group has a buddy who they travel with at all times. Jenkins says a buddy system with three people is best in case one is hurt someone can leave and someone can stay to help.

3. Make a contact list everyone can carry in case people are separated.

Simple enough, but they can make a trip a whole lot more pleasant for everyone involved.

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