Sunny Land Tours Comments on USTOA Membership

On August 1, 2011, Sunny Land Tours' Chairman and CEO, Elie Sidawi, reported that the company ended their long term Active Membership in the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA).

"The reason for the resignation was purely a business one," said Sidawi. Sidawi stated that the $1 million bond required for membership represented more than three times the amount necessary to protect their clients at any given time. 

Sunny Land Tours will continue its $1 million Travel Agency and Tour Operator's Liability insurance plus a cost/value Trust Account Bond of its own for future client protection.

Sunny Land initially joined USTOA in 1975 and gained much from its relationship with the organization and from its members, Sidawi said.

Sidawi also said Sunny Land would gladly rejoin USTOA in the event consumer-bonding coverage is equally adjusted. 

Sidawi said, “USTOA is a wonderful organization, and we’ll miss the friendships and great meetings.”
2010 was a banner year for Sunny Land, Sidawi said."This decision was not based on the financial strength of Sunny Land.  If anything, this will make our company even stronger."

Established in 1964, Sunny Land is a financially stable international wholesale tour operator and an active member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) TOP program for tour operators. 

Sunny Land destinations include Belize, Brazil and the Amazon, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Galapagos Islands, Panama, Peru, Chile, Greece and Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, and Jordan



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