Top 10 Places to Enjoy Apple-Picking


Unless you’re a person grew up in the early 20th-century, or the rural northeast, the closest that most of us city folk have gotten to the harvest is watching a two-minute clip on the morning news.  But the harvest season is a tradition that goes back farther than our nation’s roots, and apple-picking in particular is a tradition that’s, well, about as American as the apple pie you make from it.

If you’re looking for an escape from office work into a more agrarian past, check out this list of the top 10 places to go apple picking:

1.    Silverman’s Farm--  Easton, CT
2.    King Orchards— Central Lake, MI
3.    Richard’s Fruit Market— Middletown, VA
4.    Applewood Orchards— Warwick, NY
5.    Huber Orchard & Winery— Starlight, IN
6.    Johnson Orchards— Yakima, WA
7.    Minnesota Harvest— Jordan, MI
8.    Tougas Family Farm— Northboro, MA
9.    Hollabaugh Brothers Fruit Farm— Biglerville, PA
10.  Apple Hill Orchards— Mansfield & Frederickstown, OH


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