Girls reading on beachBeach Girlfriend Getaways

Identifying clients for girlfriend-themed getaways and then planning them is easy when you know what to look for. Here is a rundown of data from a survey conducted by AAA and Aspire, which polled 2,029 women, interviewed online and via telephone, as well as through telephone focus groups, to help you get started.

• Most girlfriend getaways are made up of two to three women.

• The most sought-after activities on such trips are dining out (86 percent), shopping (74 percent), spa visits (73 percent) and heading to a beach or pool (70 percent).

• Snags in planning girlfriend getaways are finding a time that works for everyone to go away (77 percent) and selecting a trip that everyone can afford (76 percent).

• The largest percentage of women—40 percent—who said they had been on a girlfriend getaway in the last three years were between the ages of 25 and 34, making such a trip a great way to net younger clientele.

• Furthermore, the largest number of women who had gone on a trip with girlfriends in the past three years had no children (38 percent) and were not married (42 percent).

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