Travcoa Travelers First U.S. Visitors to Libya in Over Five Years

Ghadames, LibyaTravcoa welcomed its first group of U.S. travelers into Libya, when the luxury travel company's Americans travelers entered the capital city of Tripoli for the first time in more than than five years. Meeting the new requirements toward the Libya's reinstated visa issuance, the company's group explored the country's cities and archeological sites, largely closed to the United States since 1969.

Starting in Tripoli, the 13-day tour visits the remnants of the Phoenician, Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empires in the major port of the ancient Mediterranean world, including the ancient Greek and Roman ruins of Sabratha and Apollonia.

During the course of the trip, you will have the chance to explore the oasis town of Ghadames and the major city of Sabratha. Flying across the Libyan Desert to Ghadames, you will spend two nights in Ghadames, a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its traditional architecture and ancient, labyrinth streets. A four-wheel drive will take you out into the desert at sunset, where tea will be served and behold a performance of Taureg songs and dances. Located in the Roman Tripolitania Providence, Sabratha was a Phoenician and Roman trade center of incalcuable wealth and power in ancient Libya, where its theater built in the second century A.D. remains the most complete theater in the Roman world.

Other highlights include Leptis Magna, featuring the the colossal arch dedicated to Septimius Severus and the city's original elaborately crafted and vibrant mosaics from the city's Golden Age and the Greek ruins of Cyrene and Ptolemais.

Through next year, Travcoa will host six small-group Escorted Journey departures in 2010 and 11 in 2011. Led by a Travcoa Travel Director, as well as expert local guides, each trip is limited to a maximum of 18 guests, from $6,995 per person Escorted Journey, Libya: The Forbidden Sahara, based on double occupancy, including accommodations, all meals, sightseeing and services.

Pre-planned and pre-priced Independent Journey packages are also available to Libya for more private travel, starting at $5,725 per person, including flights within Libya, hosted by local guides and available based on any Tuesday or Thursday arrival. Alternately, clients may opt for customized expeditions to specify destination, experiences and travel dates.


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