Travel Safety Tips for Memorial Day

American flagDuring Memorial Day Weekend, the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) will offer holiday travel safety tips while traveling on America’s roadways, bridges and tunnels.

“For anyone who will be traveling this busy holiday weekend, safety has to be the number one priority,” said Patrick D. Jones, IBTTA Executive Director and CEO, who recorded a Memorial Weekend video message for travelers. “From driving safely to choosing the most effective and safest routes, drivers should plan ahead. We hope our safety tips help better prepare Americans to have a safe and fun holiday weekend.”

Memorial Day Holiday Travel Safety Tips:

Be prepared for a safe drive: Prevent a breakdown by making sure the car is in top working order. Check tire pressure, and fill the tank before heading out on the highway. 

Watch out for the other driver: Defensive driving is all about situational awareness. Pay attention to everything on the road. If another driver makes a mistake, be ready to get out of the way and prevent an accident. 

Choose the safer road: Toll authorities know their customers expect a higher maintenance standard, and tolls give them the funds to deliver on that promise. Toll roads have safety cameras and teams that constantly monitor the roadway to respond quickly to any accident. 

Choose the more direct, less congested route: Today’s electronic toll collection systems allow drivers to pay for their ride without slowing down or waiting in line. 

Know the expected weather in the destination this holiday weekend so travelers can be better prepared for the best and safest routes. 


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