Travelport GDS and CarePar Join Forces to Monitor Carbon Emissions

Travelport GDS has announced a global marketing alliance with The Hotel Carbon Index Company Limited, creator of CareParTM -- a system for measuring carbon emissions within the hotel and lodging industry. This agreement serves to answer the demand, particularly among business travelers, for a means to calculate the carbon cost of hotel stays.

As part of the agreement, Travelport will include CarePar hotel carbon emission data in Travelport GDS products, including Travelport Carbon TrackerTM. The integration of CarePar hotel data into Carbon Tracker will enable corporations to compare CO2 analysis for travel itineraries and obtain emission data across multiple travel types (air, rail and car).

“This landmark agreement within the GDS industry comes at a time when hotels, corporations and travelers the world over are looking to industry leaders to get behind programs that are better for the environment,” said Peter Ducker, founder of The Hotel Carbon Index Company.

Hotel companies interested in participating in CarePar through Travelport can contact their Travelport representative or send an e-mail to: [email protected].

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