Two New Voluntourism Expeditions Released by H2OpenDoors

kathmandu, nepal
Photo by benjamint444/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

H2OpenDoors, a project of Rotary clubs worldwide, has announced the launch of two new expeditions for 2017. The first trip will take place from February 15-22 and will bring 30 people to Nepal for the nine-day trip. The second trip will take place April 21-30 and will bring 40 people to Cuba

Each H2OpenDoors weeklong expedition commences with the installation of a water purification facility in a village, school or hospital in the developing world. Throughout the year, funds are raised for the equipment and preparation for transport. Customs and site work is completed prior to the participants' departure. During the expeditions, the project work is completed within the first three days and the rest of the trip is high-level tourism. In the past tourism has included private leadership academy sessions conducted by Mexico's former President Vicente Fox, immersion into the art and music of Guatemala, in-depth exploration of the historical sites of Nepal, playtime with children of orphanages and clinics, and full access to Cuba.

The water systems installed on these expeditions are large scale and capable of proving one-half gallon of water every day for over ten years to up to 10,000 residents. This often established water sales for the economy, with all of the profits going back to save the community's social services.

In February, the Nepal experience will begin with the installation of a water system for a hospital being built in Kathmandu. The new hospital will care for 200,000 unique patients each year and will become the only hospital in Nepal to have safe drinking water in every faucet on all six floors. In the past bottled water was used for operation and dialysis patients, with the new water system this hospital will not have to worry about that anymore. After the installation of the water system, participants will go on a four-day trek through the Annapurna Mountains of the Himalayas. Each two guests will be giving a porter and guided through the moderate trail route with stops along the way.

In April, the Cuba expedition will include a water installation in Granma province, which will benefit up to 1400 people who currently receive water deliveries by oxcart. Participants will have special access in the country to experience history, arts, music and food in Cuba. The trip will include visits to the beach cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos and five days in Havana. The expedition will end with a cocktail party with 120 Cuban entrepreneurs to engage in lively discussion and networking.

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