AA Launches Cashless Cabins

Beginning this summer, American Airlines will transition to a cashless cabin onboard flights within the United States and to and from Canada. The program is an effort to streamline the in-flight sales process, American says. Only major credit cards or debit cards accepted for onboard purchases such as snacks and alcoholic beverages.

“Moving to a cashless cabin allows us to streamline the inflight sales process for both our customers and flight attendants,” said Lauri Curtis, American’s vice president – Onboard Service. Onboard purchases include headsets and light meals as well as snacks and alcoholic beverages.

AA flight attendants will use a hand-held Onboard Sales Recorder to charge credit and debit cards, eliminating the need to search for small bills or change. The airline has been using these user-friendly devices since May 2006. American Express and other major credit and debit cards will be accepted.  Receipts will be provided to passengers upon request.

Visit www.aa.com.

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