Air France Flies to Mauritius With Boeing 777-300 ER

On May 8, 2012, Air France introduced the Boeing 777-300 ER on flights to Mauritius.

The more environmentally-friendly Boeing 777-300 ER has a non-stop operating range of 8,699 miles, and the GE 90-115B engines can carry 23 tons of cargo. The Boeing 777-300 ER presents the best energy and environmental performance in its category, consuming 20 percent less fuel than the Boeing 747, with the same reduction in CO2 emissions.

The Business class cabin is equipped with "full sleep" seats, which are longer at over 6-feet, and wider at over 2-feet. The Premium Voyageur cabin's seats offer an additional 40 percent of space compared to the Voyageur class.

Air France has added new features to its entertainment program, including movies, TV series, French and international news channels, games and foreign language lessons.

Air France operates up to 14 weekly flights to Mauritius with Air Mauritius. Air France operates up to four weekly flights with the three cabin Boeing 777-300 ER.


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