Air Jamaica Joins Other Airlines in Charging Extra Baggage Fee

Following a long list of airlines that seems to increase daily, Air Jamaica recently announced that Economy Class passengers with tickets issued on or after September 25, 2009 for travel beginning October 14, 2009 will have to pay a fee for extra baggage.  Although passengers will be allowed one piece of baggage and one carry-on free of charge, a fee of $25 will apply for a second checked bag.  These regulations apply to checked baggage weighing up to 50 pounds.

On the upside, Air Jamaica’s revised policy will decrease overweight baggage fees from $75 to $50 for the first bag weighing 51-70 pounds; however Caribbean customers will now be “weighted down” with a fee increase from $80 to $125 per bag.  Lovebird Executive Class passengers can take comfort in knowing that their baggage policies remain unchanged.

Currently, the revised baggage policy for travel between Jamaica and Canada is under review and will be published upon approval by the Canadian Transportation Agency.