Airbus Signs $24 Billion Deal With Indonesia's Lion Air

Airbus A320 preparing for take offAccording to the Associated Press, Airbus has signed a $24 billion deal with the Indonesian Airline, Lion Air on Monday, March 18. This deal, which will secure 5,000 jobs in France, and give Lion Air 234 aircraft, is considered to be the biggest order in the history of the French aircraft manufacturer.

In the beginning of January, Airbus announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Hawaiin Airlines, selling them 16 new A321neo aircrafts with the rights to purchase an additional nine. These aircraft were long rage, single-aisle planes. Airbus’ most recent deal with Lion Air continues to market their single-aisle planes with the promised sale of 234 short to medium range, single-aisle aircrafts. Of that number, 169 of those will be A320s. The remaining 65 will be A321 jets. The first planes are expected to be delivered in 2014 and most of them will be outfitted with a new, more fuel-efficient engine that Airbus has recently developed.

Airbus’ recent deal is a huge milestone for the airline. In addition to this, the continuous sale of A320 aircrafts may be helping the airline establish a niche that differentiates itself from its main competitor, Boeing. While Boeing makes aircrafts comparable to the Airbus A320 series, the company has recently been under scrutiny in the media following the battery fires on their larger, two-aisle “Dreamliner” 787s back in January.  

For more information on the deal between Lion Air and Airbus, read the AP story here.