Airline Agreement Makes Australia More Accessible

V Australia and Virgin America have signed an interline agreement which gives consumers wider access to the great island continent. Travelers flying Virgin America out of Seattle, New York (JFK), San Francisco, Washington (IAD) and Boston will be able to connect with V Australia flights in Los Angeles, making it that much easier to take a dip Down Under. V Australia will depart from Los Angeles International Airport's Terminal 3, right next to V America arrivals.  


The Australian airline makes nonstop flights between Los Angeles and Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (starting this September).

The interline agreement also makes booking these flights easier on agents who use Sabre. Because of Virgin America's guaranteed ticketing process, agents should take the following steps when booking through Sabre:

1. Create the booking, then "ER" the PNR twice.
2. Note the VX confirmation number posted in the SSR OTHS field.
3. Append VX PNR locator to VX segment. Use the .1HK*ABCDEF entry to change segment status and add VX locator (where 1 is the segment number that identifies the VX flight and ABCDEF is the VX confirmation number).
4. Then the ticket can be issued.

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