Airlines Reporting Corporation Releases AeroTrend

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reports the release of AeroTrend, a tool to help financial analysts and consultants evaluate the airline industry and create more accurate forecasts. ARC made the announcement at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention 2011 now underway.

AeroTrend provides access to U.S. airline ticket data from 2008 to present, with updates provided weekly, ARC notes. This delivery timetable, which can be months ahead of Department of Transportation or carrier-based sources, reveals future trends and variances in traffic volume more accurately because it is based on purchased tickets rather than bookings.

Available on a subscription basis, AeroTrend allows financial analysts and consultants to evaluate the airline industry in terms of traffic volume and segment data based on issue and departure dates, destination region, premium/non-premium service class, itinerary type, agency type – including online travel agencies, mega agencies, and others – as well as other variables. AeroTrend is powered by ARC Compass, a source of air ticket transaction information that helps organizations make fact-based business decisions.   

“AeroTrend development began almost one year ago after we surveyed financial analysts about what tools they required to be successful when watching the airline industry,” said Jennifer Briede, senior product manager. “Virtually all of them mentioned speedy access to current information that is accurate. We believe with AeroTrend, which is based on timely ARC high-valued data, we’ve satisfied their needs and more.” 


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