Amadeus Introduces XML Messaging for Car Rentals

Amadeus has developed a new messaging platform allowing car rental companies to exchange 100 percent of their data using OpenTravel Alliance XML technology. This makes data exchange far easier and more efficient, Amadeus says, and will improve data quality and accuracy, enable faster adoption of new features and save money.

“Through Amadeus’s XML platform, we are now able to transmit all our content - rates and availability, plus location list and policy information – through one interface," said Charles A. Coniglio, vice president of e-commerce and global distribution for Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (DTAG). "In addition, as Amadeus rolls-out new functionalities, we can implement them quickly and easily thanks to the same XML messaging exchange between Amadeus and ourselves.  XML is the language of the future and DTAG are delighted to be a part of it.”

“This new enhancement in our car booking platform is a major step forward in Amadeus’ commitment to make the travel industry more efficient” commented Jérome Vanazzi, head of Amadeus Cars. “With the adoption of OTA XML Standards, both DTAG and Amadeus contribute to achieving a more streamlined distribution chain.”

This platform will bring the following additional benefits:
*    100 percent seamless content: car providers can exchange all business information using XML messaging, improving data quality, accuracy and timeliness
*    Speed to market: Amadeus enhancements can be adopted faster by car providers thanks to the same interoperability language between Amadeus and car companies
*    Cost savings: XML messaging is easier to program and maintain as well as having widespread use amongst suppliers and distributors.


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