American Airlines Trying Wireless Internet on U.S Flights

American Airlines (AA) is now offering Wi-Fi capabilities to satisfy all Internet addicts and aid all busy business travelers while flying. With Aircell's Internet Broadband Service, Gogo, aboard its transcon fleet of 767-200 aircraft, AA is the first U.S. airline to offer its passengers complete Internet capabilities. The new service is included on routes from New York to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.

Gogo will be available in all classes for $12.95, providing full Internet access to laptops, smartphones and PDAs, allowing users to surf the Web, send e-mails and IMs, and even use VPN access to corporate networks.

The technology from Aircell is subject to strict requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration through an exclusive license from the Federal Communications Commission. Both agencies oversee the use of broadband and wireless signals by aircraft flying over the continental United States.

The new technology will be trialed on AA's 15 Boeing 767-200 flights for a period of three-to-six months.

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