Animal Airways Launches Pet Escort Service

Animal Airways, the global pet-flight management provider, has provided detials of its professional pet escort service. The program guarantees a comfortable, safe, cost-worthy and pet-friendly flight solution so that pets will not be shipped unsupervised.

The professional pet escort team includes animal-loving, and medically trained staff and international aviation members accompanying the pet through the whole flight, starting with the check-out process, accompanying him/her to the plane, arriving with him/her to final destination and personally handing him/her to the owner or representative at the final destination. When the pet fits a small flight kennel, the flight escort will sit with him/her in the main passenger cabin taking care of all its needs. In case the flight kennel is too big for the main cabin, the pet escort will personally place the pet in the luggage compartment, making sure the conditions for pet travel takes place (temperature, ventilation etc.).

The pet escort service is one of many products and services invented and developed by professional veterinarians, pet-flight managers and project coordinators at Animal Airways. Other services include the Cats in the Cabin service,  veterinarian treatment and pre flight consult, handling forms and regulations for every country worldwide, ticket booking for pet owners and pets, flight kenneling (fitting international standard) supply, cargo coordination, and vehicle transportation for pets to and from terminals etc.

Animal Airways is advancing its international activity with a new branch recently opened in Moscow and plans to open three more branches within a year in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Saint Petersburg.


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