ARC Air Sales Continue Decline

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reported a 29.1 drop in air sales to $5.6 billion for May 2009. Year to date ARC reported a 25.7 decline in air sales to $28 billion. Credit card sales were reported down to $5.01 billion, a  26.9 drop. Total transactions reported were 12,182,407, a 8.4 percent drop.

Total taxes and fees were $828,499,718, a 19 percent drop. Domestic fares were $2.4 billion, a  28.8 percent decline for the month and $12.4 billion compared to the prior year or a 25.97 percent decline. International fares were $2.2 billion, a  33 percent drop and year to date $10.9 billion, down 29.50 percent. Total fares were at $4.7 billion, a 30.8 percent drop.

Carriers reporting to ARC  totaled 175, while retail locations totaled 16,695 in addition to 1,104 satellite STP Locations and 686  VTC locations. Average daily sales were at $10,417.