ARC Air Sales Show Promising Gains

For a welcomed change, ARC reported good news for November airline sales. Settled transactions in November 2009 compared quite favorably to November 2008, finishing at 7.98 percent above the same month the year before with international transactions fully 10.42 percent above November 2008.

ARC also said total sales were also above November 2008 by 6.72 percent, marking November 2009 as the first month since September 2008 in which a favorable month-to-month comparison was seen for total settled sales.

ARC transactions reflect a record number 185 ticketing carriers at the close of the month: a total that continues to grow. Retail locations reporting totaled 16,125, while STP locations were pegged at 1,007. ARC’s fast growing VTC locations totaled 912.

Average daily sales (calendar month) hit $9,456.

Total sales reported were $5,118,515,341, a 6.72 percent gain but reflecting a YTD decline to $61,390,808,913 or -18.69 percent. Domestic fares for the month ($2,336,642,340) were up 5.30 percent and domestic transactions up 7.11 percent.

International fares ($2,019,638,497) grew 9.84 percent while international transactions (2,643,886) were up 10.42 percent for the month. Credit card sales were $4,650,900,272, an 8.2 percent increase for the month.