ARC and IATA Join in Mutual Agency Outreach

handshakeARC President & CEO Michael J. Premo reports that International Air Transport Association (IATA) Senior Vice President, Industry and Financial Services, Aleks Popovich, has accepted an invitation to join ARC’s Travel Executive Council.

“We established the Council earlier this year to bring together senior leaders of the travel agency community with ARC to network, sponsor dialogue with thought leaders on industry challenges, and ensure ARC focuses its energies on the priorities of our largest agency customer," Premo said.

Popovich made a substantial contribution to ARC's inaugural meeting in April by contributing his insight and knowledge, ARC's Premo said in a statement. "I’m pleased he has agreed to accept our invitation to formally join as a regular member.”

“Industry outreach is a priority for IATA," Popovich said. "Being asked to join this select group of executives is yet another step in growing important cross-industry relationships. We are a complex and interconnected value chain. Working together is the most effective way to make progress on the many issues that affect us all. I’m delighted to accept Mike’s invitation and look forward to contributing positively to the Council’s dialogue.”

The ARC Travel Executive Council includes 13 CEOs and Senior Executives from ARC’s 15 largest travel agencies.


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