ARC Reports Domestic and International Sales Growth

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reports total sales of $6,995,380,245 for June in 2010, a 21.87 percent gain compared to the month last year, and a 21.67 percent gain year-to-date at $41,061,095,723.

Domestic fares reached $3,117,727,654, a 18.87 percent increase, while international fares hit $2,858,016,845 for a solid 27.65 percent gain. Year-to-date international fares hit $16,840,996,883, a 27.38 percent gain over last year. Domestic fares grew 18.58 percent year-to-date to $17,900,590,996.

Total fares hit $5,975,744,499, a 22.92 percent gain for the month, and $34,741,587,880 year-to-date, a  22.69 percent increase. Credit card sales were $6,297,189,070, a 22.61 percent gain, while cash sales of $698,191,175 were reported, a 15.63 percent gain. Total transactions hit 12,550,031, a 5.28 percent gain, and 77,645,020 year-to-date, a 8.53 percent increase.

Total taxes and fees were $944,055,765, a 17.30 increase.



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