ARC Reports Gains in April Air Sales

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reported total sales of $7.2 billion for April, a 24.62 percent gain over the same period of 2009. Year-to-date sales were $26.9 billion, a 20.6 percent gain over last year. Total transactions were also up to 13,377,349 or 8.29 percent. Domestic fares were $3.08 billion, a 20.89 percent gain. International fares were also up to $3.02 billion, a 31.30 percent increase.

"ARC is pleased to see continued strong year-over-year growth in travel agency sales," Allan Mutén, director of strategic communications for ARC, commented. "Total sales are 25 percent over last year and international fares at 30 percent plus are the highest for an April month in many years which is great given recent challenges to transatlantic travel." 

ARC pegged domestic transactions at 9,402,339, a 6.08 percent gain, while international transaction totaled 3,975,010, a 13.93 percent gain. The total carriers reporting totaled 188 while retail locations reporting totaled 15,559. Satellite STP locations reporting totaled 906 while VTC locations were 963. The Average Daily Sales reported totaled $13,812.


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