Auto Europe Announces Expanded Range of Vehicles Available This Summer

Mercedes Van RentalAuto Europe has announced it will be offering access to an expanded range of high-demand vehicles to customers this summer.

Auto Europe has reserved a fleet of compact cars, premium full-size sedans and seven- and nine-passenger vans in Italy, Germany and Switzerland through September, allowing customers access to automatic and larger sized vehicles during times when inventory is usually scarce. Guaranteed makes include brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi

Customers will have access to: 

- 1,000 reserved vehicles in Italy, Germany and Switzerland 
- A large selection of automatic transmission and air conditioned vehicles 
- Cars ranging from compact to premium full-size 
- Selection of seven- and nine-passenger vans, including the Mercedes V-Class Luxury Van (nine- passenger/automatic) 
- Several other guaranteed makes and models 

Travelers are encouraged to secure their rental early in order to receive the lowest rates. Reservations for dedicated fleet vehicles can be made at or by calling 888-223-5555.