Auto Europe Offers Solutions for Online, Home-Based Agents

Auto Europe is offering unique solutions for home-based agents to assist them in today’s market. Their lead program, Global Agent, offers agencies the opportunity to sell international car rentals through an online solution. The company is also providing online programs to bolster agencies' websites.

Travel professionals can quote, book, modify, look-up vouchers and add payment to existing reservations along with have the ability to view real-time production reports. Global Agent not only benefits travel agencies, but also corporate offices where reservationists do not have the ability to make outgoing calls. Host agencies with a large subscriber base of home-based agents also benefit.

Travel professionals have the ability to make reservations with all the details they would receive when making a reservation through Auto Europe’s call center. Location information (address, hours of operation), SIPP codes, detailed insurance information is just some of the information obtainable through Global Agent. Reservations made through Global Agent are fully commissionable. Agents IATA, ARC, CLIA or in-house number is transmitted "behind the scenes" when the reservation is made.

The agency also has the ability to review real-time production— production reports can be viewed online and offer a detailed breakdown of agency/agent reservations and commissions.

Auto Europe’s online programs bolster agencies' websites and allow them to add web content and booking solutions while protecting their commissions. These programs include a text link to an affiliate partner site, a white label booking engine (Private Label) which provides a link pointing directly to their car rental booking engine, that can be placed within a frame set or designated as a pop up on the agency’s site. The engine's colors are also customizable. The white label booking engine also allows a wrapper to be applied to match the agency’s website.

Auto Europe will work with the agency’s web programmer or designer to implement this option and lastly, Auto Europe offers an XML Partnership that allows a direct connection to their XML booking engine for those interested in developing a car booking process on their own site.  Auto Europe provides the documentation and the agency’s web site programmers do development.


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