Auto Europe Promotes Eco-Friendly Auto Rentals

Auto Europe reports it now provides clients with the choice of 100 percent electric car rental services including new Citroen C-Zero's for their next car rental in France.

The easy to drive, economical Citroen C-Zero features a top speed of 80 MPH and has a range of 93 miles, Auto Europe  says.  In addition, the C-Zero is also able to recharge itself.  While decelerating, the motor works like a generator and converts the kinetic power into electric power that charges the battery.

Auto Europe says a dash indicator shows how much energy is  consumed or generating.    Using the car is simple, turn the ignition key and a beep confirms that the car is running and it drives like a regular car with an automatic transmission.  In lieu of costly fuel, simply recharge the battery before your day's journeys by plugging it into a 220-volt socket.  A complete charge lasts six hours and a partial charge is possible in just 30 minutes, Auto Europe says.

The C-Zero can be requested with Auto Europe beginning at $376.00 per week including free unlimited mileage at any of their airport, downtown or rail way stations locations throughout France.  Hotel delivery can also be arranged.  Rates are subject to change and additional surcharges may apply, Auto Europe says. 

Auto Europe services over 8,000 car rental locations in over 130 countries worldwide.  


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