Aviation Union Criticizes British Airways for Cost-Saving Measures

British Airways (BA) is braving a wave of criticism from Unite, the UK’s largest aviation union, after deciding to charge for seat reservations.  Representatives from Unite state that the move “tarnishes the carrier’s image” by mimicking recent moves by “low-cost airlines” and may actually drive customers away.

Steve Turner, Unite national officer for civil aviation, didn’t mince words when speaking of the new charges, calling them “complete madness,” and characterizing the move as a misguided attempt by confused management.

“BA’s management is failing to recognize the extent of anger felt by customers already annoyed by additional charges made by low cost carriers,” stated Turner.  “Even the Prime Minister opted to use another carrier to fly to the G20 in the US, and not British Airways, the UK’s national carrier and the only one with the union jack on its tail.”

As talks continue with BA, Unite has expressed vehement displeasure over what it states are “erratic” cost saving strategies employed by the company, warning BA to steer clear from any “attacks on employee terms.”