Boeing 787 Dreamliner Comes to United Airlines

United Airlines has announced details about the induction of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner into its fleet in the coming year.

The airline is sheduled to take delivery of its first Dreamliner in late September. The aircraft will seat 36 in United BusinessFirst, 72 in United Economy Plus and 111 in United Economy. The craft is built with comfort of its guests in mind as it sports improved lighting, larger windows and overhead bins, a more intuitive entertainment system as well as a number of other passenger-friendly amenities.

The aircraft also represents a new leap in economically and environmentally friendly flights. Built primarily with composite materials, meaning that the aircraft is lighter despite its size, the 787 has 30 percent more range and will use 20 percent less fuel than similarly sized aircraft. Coupled with reduced emissions and noise during takeoff, this opens up a wealth of opportunity to the company as new non-stop destinations will be available, such as the recently announced Denver to Tokyo service that begins next spring.

The Dreamliner will be detailed in a specially customized livery exclusive to the United Fleet. A gold line will wind around the fuselage and swoop from nose to tail; the swoop is inspired by the trademark swoop on all Boeing aircraft and it's being adopted for the United 787 in recognition of the two companies many years together.

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