Can America Follow Europe's Train Tracks?

Several recent articles and individuals—no less than President Obama himself—have called for America to invest in high-speed rail travel as Europe has done. It would only make sense, both environmentally and financially. Throughout Europe, short-haul flights are being grounded in favor of high-speed trains that link cities directly rather than forcing travelers to commute from the outskirts of one city to the outskirts of another. The tickets are cheaper; the emissions are fewer; and the convenience of traveling from downtown-to-downtown is priceless.

If Europe is any indication of the success of these measures, America’s rail network would get a much-needed revival. Europe’s rail companies have been able to get more than 50 percent of the travel market on trips of three hours or less, Time reports, and by increasing the supply (and the value of the product), they have been able to grow and improve in recent years.

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